Photojournalism: the world through a lens

"The Photojournalist". Photo By Andreas Feininger

In the digital age with rapidly advancing technologies capturing photos has become easier and cheaper than ever. Everywhere you look we seem to be inundated with photos. It may be your friend posting her cousin’s wedding on Facebook or the silly cat picture of the day posted on your favorite blog, we are exposed to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of images each day.

But this doesn’t take away from the power an image can have in communicating information and telling a story. And this is at the heart of what good photojournalism sets out to do.

The Flying Cholitas, Bolivia. Photo By Daniele Tamagni

When looking at the difference between photography and photojournalism, many established photojournalists have used the analogy of nouns vs. verbs. A photographer captures nouns (people, places and things), whereas a photojournalist captures verbs (people, places and things involving actions with other nouns).

Photojournalism tells news stories also within the same rigid ethical standards as all good journalism should. A photojournalist is a visual reporter of facts and their news photo should accurately represent the event that it depicts.

There are many other aspects to cover within the world of photojournalism and that is what I set out to do with this new blog. This is the first post of hopefully many more that will explore this exciting field.


One response to “Photojournalism: the world through a lens

  1. Daniele Tamagni won a World Press Photo award for The Flying Cholitas. You should check out the rest of the winners

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