The Protester: Quebec’s ‘Maple Spring’ drips west to Vancouver

Around 70 protesters marched down East Broadway Avenue and Commercial Drive in Vancouver on June 3 blocking traffic to show solidarity with protesters in Quebec who have been holding massive demonstrations since February, 2012 in reaction to tuition fee hikes.

I was on my commute home from work and I stumbled upon a cacophonous group of about 70 protesters banging away on pots and pans to express their dissent with the rise in tuition fees in Quebec and in British Columbia.

Click images for larger view

At one point the noisy ruckus, who were escorted by police, took over an entire busy intersection near downtown Vancouver creating tension with Sunday drivers as traffic snarled to a halt. According to a Globe and Mail article, this loud style of pot banging protest originated in Latin America where it’s called a cacerolazo.

As I whipped out my camera to grab some shots, the whole situation made me think of Time Magazine’s 2011 Person of the Year, none other than the protester. It seems almost everywhere there is a mood of discontent on this planet and with it a protest, an uprising or revolt is taking place.

Although the demonstration was a fraction of the massive protests taking place in Quebec and other places in the world, it made me take a step back and look at the bigger picture of how disgruntled the so-called 99 per cent are around the world from Greece to Russia to New York.

This signals a future of only more protests and upheaval across the globe, in both poor and rich nations such as Canada.

This photo of a protester attending Occupy Vancouver in 2011, armed with the sign “nice day for a revolution” and a Guy Fawkes mask, has received the most clicks out of any photo I’ve posted from Russia and the Middle East.

Here are a few more photos of the protest I took that Sunday afternoon:


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