Monthly Archives: February 2017

Still alive in 2017


Vancouver city lights, Lion’s Gate Bridge, downtown from Cypress Mountain at night. Photo by Jared Gnam

Like waking up from a long coma, it feels like an eternity has passed since the time I last posted. The changes on this planet in a mere four years seem impossible to quantify and comprehend on a human scale.

For example, imagine if you were told in 2013 by now a populist uprising would sweep through the Western world and as a result Donald Trump would be president of the United States? You would scoff and laugh wholeheartedly.

What else has happened? The collapse in oil prices, the further chaos in the Middle East and subsequent migrant crisis (nothing new, I suppose), the concept of “fake news,” the rise of cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer economy (think Airbnb).

Technology is rapidly redefining the way we live and the way we see ourselves. In fact, a recent study reveals there are over 94 million selfie photos taken daily on Android devices, according to Google, and the study reveals the paradox that most people don’t even enjoy this type of photography posted online.

I suppose even though I do not like most parts to this new world order, and specifically the ways technology is changing the world of photography, I will make like Winston Churchill and never, never, never give up.

Looking forward to re-activation of this blog. Hope you have been well.