Hi, my name is Jared Gnam (pronounced Geh-Nam). I was born in Calgary in 1982 but I’ve spent most of my days in the Vancouver area.

Over the last dozen or so years I’ve worked at more than 40 locations in the Vancouver restaurant and bar scene. From dodging fists at a Hell’s Angel’s strip club to serving Hollywood stars like Johnny Depp at upscale eateries I’ve accumulated a wealth of experience.

But as adventurous as the hospitality industry can be, I’ve reached a plateau where I feel I am ready for the next challenge.

And here I am today finishing my diploma in journalism at Langara College working towards the goal of becoming a member of the fourth estate.

I’ve always loved learning about the complexities of the world around me. From the space shuttle Challenger catastrophe to  the fall of the Berlin Wall, major current events have always captured my mind. And I now wish to document history as it unfolds in front of us in what I would argue is the most fascinating time to be alive.

With this curiosity to find out and understand what’s going on in this world combined with a new-found love for photography, I realized journalism is the right fit for me.

Here is a video of me being interviewed on Global News after shooting the Stanley Cup Riots in Downtown Vancouver on June 15:


2 responses to “ABOUT

  1. Love the blog my brother! Keep up the good work! You’ve come so far, I’m sure you’ll be very successful!

  2. Hi Jared,I have really enjoed your amaizing shots,Thank you for sharing them with me,I also really enjoyed meeting you at Brannas restaurant, wow,I love Vancouver,you meet the most amaizing people, like yourself.keep up the good work!

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